Orlando: Women's Writing
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New: July 2010

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  • Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit, c. 1510-78, early Protestant compiler of a book of private prayers (including hymns, prayers, and metrical psalms), some perhaps of her own writing.
  • Elizabeth Postuma Simcoe, 1762-1850, diarist and letter-writer whose place in history is owed to her meticulously sketched and vividly described accounts of the colony of Upper Canada.
  • Emily Frederick Clark, probably before 1780 - after 1833, novelist, painter, poet, and claimant of foreign royal descent, who wrote to support her mother and sisters. The single most persistent petitioner of the Royal Literary Fund.
  • Emma Frances Brooke, 1844-1926, significant socialist-feminist, undeservedly forgotten or remembered only for her novel A Superfluous Woman, 1894. Her other novels and non-fiction express fiercely unconventional views on questions of politics, religion, and society.
  • Henrietta Müller, 1846-1906, journalist and speaker committed to the cause of women, founder of The Women's Penny Paper.
  • John Millington Synge, 1871-1909, playwright of the Irish literary renaissance, author of an influential book about the harsh life and rich folk culture of the Aran Islands.
  • Graham Greene, 1904-91, novelist and thriller-writer, specializing in self-destructive lives in exotic locations which are sometimes lumped together under the name of 'Greeneland'.
  • Margaret Laurence, 1926-87, Canadian novelist and short-story writer. Her translations of Somali poetry were the first to appear in English.
  • Alice Munro, b. 1931, Canadian short-story writer who has been hailed as a leading practitioner of her genre.
  • Carol Shields, b. 1935, US-born Canadian novelist, connoisseur of the ordinary, who also wrote poems and plays.
  • Judith Kazantzis, b. 1940, poet and artist, activist feminist, literary fighter against war, nuclear war, discrimination, and poverty.
  • J. K. Rowling, b. 1965, writer for children whose Harry Potter series has made her one of the most successful writers and one of the richest women of her generation.