Orlando: Women's Writing
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New: January 2007

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  • Margaret Tyler, first woman in England to publish a romance and the first English translator direct from Spanish romance, in the later sixteenth century
  • Jane Owen, Roman Catholic religious writer of the seventeenth century
  • Lady Margaret Cunningham, remarkable early seventeenth-century Scottish autobiographer and religious writer
  • Mary Fage, earlier seventeenth-century author of anagrams and acrostics on the names of the British establishment
  • Judith Man, who in 1640 translated, abridged, and published her version of a popular Latin heroic romance
  • Elizabeth Avery, religious polemicist and autobiographer of the mid-seventeenth century
  • Susanna Parr, mid-seventeenth-century religious apologist and polemicist
  • Frances Boothby, the sole woman to have a play produced in a public theatre before Aphra Behn
  • Elizabeth Tipper, late-seventeenth-century poet and journalist
  • Sarah Davy, later-seventeenth-century Independent or Baptist autobiographer
  • Barbara Blaugdone, later seventeenth-century Quaker minister and autobiographer
  • Sarah Butler, Irish writer who produced, in the early eighteenth century, tales from legendary national history under the guise of fiction
  • Ann Cook, mid-eighteenth-century author of an imaginative cookery-book which includes poetry, and story-telling
  • Marianne Chambers, late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century novelist and dramatist
  • Mrs. F. C. Patrick, Irish novelist of the 1790s
  • Anne Burke, successful novelist who began publishing at the end of the eighteenth century
  • Frances O'Neill, Irish poet of the later eighteenth and very early nineteenth century
  • Charlotte Nooth, author during the early nineteenth century of poetry, a remarkable novel, and a translation of a text against racial prejudice