Orlando: Women's Writing
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New: January 2011

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193 existing author entries were updated or enhanced. As usual, biographies and memoirs (notably Maggie Gee's My Animal Life, Jackie Kay's Red Dust Road, and Elizabeth Jenkins's The View from Downshire Hill, 2004) have provided opportunities for rich additions. So have direct communications from generous friends, reporting both their own research and other information of interest. The death of Beryl Bainbridge precipitated additions beyond those from obituaries. The publication online of William Godwin's diary, sparse as that is in detail, has also provided some additions. Sources like the TLS Digital Archive and the Reading Experience Database, which Orlando has never searched in their voluminous entirety, continue to yield valuable nuggets. Just a few specifics below:
  • Jane Austen has been, unsurprisingly, in the news again, for material ranging from Marvel comic-book versions of her works to huge prices for sales of first editions, including what was originally the governess Anne Sharp's copy of Emma for £325,000.
  • Mary Collyer: more on her children from her collateral descendant Geoff Culshaw; more on her ground-breaking children's book from Andrea Immel.
  • Mary Delany: when much of her life-writing was published in mid-nineteenth century, Harriet Martineau thought it "perhaps the greatest in the book way for these seven years." She had nothing good to say about the editor, Lady Llanover (under whose name this reference is concealed in the invaluable Reading Experience Database).
  • Carol Shields: an interesting allusion to Unless in Margaret Forster's Over.
  • Virginia Woolf: Sarah Ruhl's New York Production of Orlando on stage.