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New: July 2008

Other Additions

143 new items of dated historical material have been added, from further detail about the First and Second Crusades to the handsomely-designed re-issues marking the thirtieth anniversary of Virago Modern Classics.
Listed below are a tiny proportion of all the entries revised (173 in total). Run-of-the-mill additions (new editions, new scholarship, sale prices, film versions, etc.) are not listed here.
63 existing free-standing chronology entries were also updated or enhanced. Orlando is often its own updater. Someone doing a chronological search on "cholera" noticed that our record of the first great cholera epidemic of the nineteenth century, drawn from impeccable medical-history sources, dated the outbreak a couple of months after Joanna Baillie commented on the spread of cholera in London and the resulting public anxiety. A change in wording sufficed to make Orlando's record more accurate than those medical sources.