Orlando: Women's Writing
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New: January 2009

Other Additions

40 contextual events were updated or enhanced.
84 new free-standing contextual events on such matters as:
  • the first recorded instance of a coffee house building a library of books for the enjoyment of its patrons
  • the manuscript book of poetry and prose written by the seventeenth-century Dorothy Calthorpe
  • the licensing of Anne Smythies in 1743 to cure the "king's evil"
  • the earliest-known Australian imprint (a playbill, 1796)
  • the bill that outlawed the use of climbing children in chimney-sweeping, 1840
  • the first recorded pictorial Christmas card, 1843
  • the appointment of the first professional nurse to work in industry, 1878
  • the International Congress of Women, 1899
  • several events dealing with the suffrage struggle
  • the first award of the Hawthornden Prize for literature, 1919
  • the introduction of the long-playing record, 1948
  • the devaluation of the pound sterling, 1967
  • several events dealing with the 2008 financial crisis
  • the election of Barack Obama as the first-ever black president of the United States