Orlando: Women's Writing
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How Orlando Works


Tabbed screens

Much of our material is presented as sets of tabbed screens that offer multiple views of search results.
For author entries:
image of tabs for author entries
  • Overview: provides a summary of the writer's significance, a few key dates, and headings hyperlinked to corresponding sections of the Life and Writing documents.
  • Writing: the writing document for that individual, with headings. Citations and notes appear in pop-up boxes; lists of Works Cited at the end. Clicking on a hyperlink from within a document replaces the current screen with a Links screen.
  • Life: the biography document for that individual; same features as the Writing tab.
  • Life & Writing: both discussions side-by-side, scrollable so they can be read in parallel.
  • Timeline: all distinct events from within the Life and Writing documents, plus any events from outside the writer's documents which nevertheless name her (or him).
  • Links: all mentions of the writer in other documents, organized by context.
  • Links Excerpts: provides excerpts from all mentions of the writer in other documents
  • Works By: selective lists of works by the writer, chiefly first editions.
For excerpts:
image of tabs for excerpts
  • Lives & Writing: material excerpted from documents on Lives and Writings.
  • Events: free-standing events drawn from Orlando's contextual historical materials as well as chronology material excerpted from author documents.
  • Bibliography: bibliographical entries drawn from Orlando's database of primary and secondary materials.
For hyperlinks:
image of tabs for hyperlinks
  • Links: links to all author entries in which the hyperlink occurs, organized by context.
  • Excerpts: short portions of author documents in which the hyperlink occurs.
  • Timeline: events containing the hyperlink, drawn from contextual materials and from author documents.
  • Bibliography: bibliographical entries containing the hyperlink.