Orlando: Women's Writing
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How Orlando Works



Orlando's documentation is designed to help you get the most out of the system.
Image of Help button
The Help system, when accessed via the button (pictured above), opens in a new window. The left portion of the screen consists of two tabs: Table of Contents and Alphabetical Index. Use the headings under these tabs to find and access the desired information. When a heading is clicked on, the information will appear in the right portion of the screen.
There are several ways into the Help system. Clicking on the Help button on the upper right of any screen will open Help at the point specific to the screen you are currently viewing. Clicking on Introduction, Credits, About the Oak Tree, Subscribe, or Request a Trial on the homepage will open Help at the relevant discussions. Clicking on Tutorial under People, Chronologies, or Tag Search will open Help at the appropriate tutorial. Clicking on sample search under Chronologies or Tag Search will open Help at the appropriate set of sample searches.