Orlando: Women's Writing
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How Orlando Works

Entry points overview


This is the main route to reading full documents on writers, and enables you to choose from an alphabetical list of authors who have entries. From this set of screens you can also search for writers, and compile groups of writers you wish to read about, based on criteria such as what kinds of texts they wrote, where they were born, or their occupation.


These screens allow you to search dated materials from within writers' documents as well as free-standing chronology materials. You can draw together materials for a particular range of dates or search on text only. A limited number of tags is available here to extend chronological searching into the markup.

Tag search

These screens offer searches using any of the conceptual tags on the full discussions (including and beyond chronological materials) of writers' lives and writings. You can search directly on bibliography or use core tags to search across the entire textbase. A free text search is available here, as is the possibility of grouping two sets of search results. The screens provide visual diagrams and links to documentation about the the tags.


The random links screen provides a selection of names, titles, places, dates, and organization names that changes daily. Click on any of these items to see it in its context. This 'wallpaper' offers a quick, serendipitous way into material you might not otherwise search for, and shows the range of what's available in Orlando.
Today in Orlando provides a listing of today' events, drawn from within and beyond the lives and careers of women writers.
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