Orlando: Women's Writing
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How Orlando Works


Screen elements and miscellaneous information

Crumb trail

When you are anywhere other than the homepage you will see a 'crumb trail' at the top of the screen, immediately under the Orlando header. Image of sample crumb trail
The 'crumb trail' is a navigation tool. It allows you to see where the screen you are currently on is in relation to the site's hierarchy and provides an easy means of moving back up the hierarchy. (Note: you can also use your web browser's Back and Forward buttons for navigation.)
Because the interlinking structure of Orlando means that the 'crumb trail' could go on forever, 'crumb trail's are truncated at Links screens. However, if you wish to return to a previous screen from a Links screen, just use your browser's Back button. Note too that the Help system has its own independent 'crumb trail'.