Orlando: Women's Writing
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How Orlando Works



Contexts for links

The contexts provided down the left side of links screens are generated from the tags in which the hyperlink occurs. Where context names are identical to tag names, that indicates that the hyperlink occurs within that tag.
  • image of contexts portion of hyperlinks screen
Some of the contexts combine several tags. These are:
  • Intertextuality and Influence: intertextuality, influences her, she influenced
  • Family and Intimate Relationships: family, intimate relationships
  • Characters: characterization, character type or role, character name
  • Literary Setting: setting place, plot
  • Publishing: serialization, advertising, copyright, relations with publisher, submissions, rejections, earnings, contract, periodical publication, place of publication,
Some of the contexts are based on tag and attribute-attribute value combinations. These are:
  • Subscriptions: mode of publication tag with attribute publication mode and attribute value subscription
  • Residence: location tag with attribute relation to and attribute value lived, moved, or migrated
  • Travel: location tag with attribute relation to and attribute value visited or travelled