Orlando: Women's Writing
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How Orlando Works



Author entries with tabbed screens

image of overview screen
The overview screen is generated from various parts of the author's documents:
The brief author profile is the content of the author summary tag.
The milestones are a small subset of the chronology events for that author generated using the tags, where present, for birth and death dates, best known work, landmark text, and first and last literary activities.
The highlights are the headings from Life and Writing discussions: click on them to go to that point in those screens.
Writing discussion for that author. (In some cases, writing careers are represented in free-standing events and no Writing screen is available.)
Life discussion for that author. (In a few cases nothing is known about the writer so there is no Life screen.)
Life & Writing
Both discussions side-by-side, scrollable so they can be read in parallel.
All events mentioning the writer in the textbase.
A list, organized by topic and identical to the Links screen for the writer, of mentions of the writer elsewhere in the textbase.
Links Excerpts
Excerpts from all mentions of the writer in other documents
Works By
A list of all bibliography entries for which the writer is an author.